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Bible Study Method for Worksheet


The Words in the Bible should transform us. Do you ever read the Bible and then walk away and you can’t remember a word you read? I have done that time and time again. I finally decided it was time to figure out a method of study that would help me understand the Bible better, apply what I learned to my own life, remember what I read, and most important, help me understand the Triune God better. (If you have never heard the term “Triune God” before, it is the same as the Trinity. Three in One: God, the Father, Jesus Christ, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.) I desire to know these three more intimately. Intimate knowledge transforms.

In this quick method, I read and then answer a series of questions. I choose to write the answers out in a notebook because that helps me both focus and remember what I read. You could also take your notes electronically. You will want to decide how much time you have to study, where you will study, and how you will take your notes. Continue reading “Bible Study Method for Worksheet”

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Quick Bible Study Worksheet


Book: ______________           Chapter: __________         Date: _______________

  1. What is happening in the text?

(Outline, summary of the text)


  1. What do I learn about God the Father in the text?

(Look for how He acted, spoke, felt, or was mentioned)


  1. What do I learn about Jesus Christ or how does the text point to Him?

(Same as for God the Father. In addition, look for ways the text may point to Him in some way. Eg. Is a person acting in a similar manner to Jesus? Or is His coming predicted?)


  1. What do I learn about the Holy Spirit?

(Look for how He acted, spoke, felt, or was mentioned)


  1. What is the lesson/s of the passage?

(What did you learn reading the passage?)


  1. How does what I learned apply to my life?

(What problem/area of my life do I need to apply what I learned to?)


  1. What specific steps can I take today to apply what I have learned?

(Write down all specific steps you will take to apply what you learned, include step, how, when, where, etc. you will apply it.)


  1. In the back of your notebook, on a page for each question, write down any answers you wrote to questions 2,3, and 4.
  2. Praise God for what you learned about Him today.

Feel free to copy.  October 17, 2016

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Bible Basics


Bible Basics (Part One)

I love reading the Bible. When I open it, it’s like I am back with my best friend. I feel such peace and comfort. But it wasn’t always like that. Not in the least.

The day I accepted the Lord as my Savior, I was advised to get a Bible and start reading it. I grew up in a religion where a Bible was not allowed in the home. I had no idea what was in the Bible or how to read it. But I was willing to learn. I was given a Bible and started right in. And was promptly lost. With no one to go to for help, I quit reading. I didn’t go back to it for years.

Because of this early experience, I have a strong desire to help others get comfortable with reading the Bible for themselves. I find such joy, comfort, and wisdom in reading it; I want others to have the same. This article will touch on the very basics of our Holy Bible; knowledge that would have benefited me in the beginning of my faith journey. Continue reading “Bible Basics”