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The Pantry

pantry 2

This past week I’ve been working on cleaning and organizing my pantry.  My pantry isn’t a cupboard in my kitchen, it’s a little room attached to it, about 5′ x 8′ or so. My husband has been getting very frustrated with all the junk crammed in it, stuff falling off the shelves every time he reaches for something in it. And I couldn’t find what I needed when I needed it.

There are no doors in my pantry. Just curtains to hide the packed and messy shelves. My pantry is a direct reflection of my life. Lots of junk hiding behind flimsy curtains, falling out all over. The pantry contains small appliances, bakeware I never use, but might someday, and lots of food. Most of the food is food I will never eat but have bought because of the latest health craze that I plan to get on but never do, like dried seaweed that is a “power food”. I detest fish. Why would I actually eat something that smells and tastes like fish? So, it sits on the shelf, adding clutter.

Symptoms. My pantry is a symptom of my bigger problems. Trying to find an easy solution to bad health. More, more, more, needing more to fill that hole in me. Messy and chaotic, the state of my anxious mind.

So, I spent a week cleaning, throwing, washing, sorting, and contemplating my life. When I got done with my work, I had an amazingly clean, well organized pantry with products I will actually use and enjoy. Most of the weird health kick products are gone because, quite honestly, most were expired anyway. Our chickens ate some strange food this past week.

I put what I kept in labeled glass canning jars so I can see what is there and use it. I removed bakeware I won’t use as well as some small appliances. I moved what I need from the high top shelf to the lower shelves to be more accessible. I moved appliances I use but not all the time off the counter to give myself work room. And I permanently removed the curtains.

Open shelves. Open life. Organized shelves. Well, somewhat organized life. We can’t have everything. Chaos turned into peace is how I feel when I enter my pantry now. It’s a good start. Stillness. Simplify. My surroundings as well as my life. I’ve always known chaos. Most of it my own fault. Now to concentrate instead on simplicity and stillness because they calm my racing heart and change my focus to what is important, my faith, family and writing, instead of all that is cramming up my life.

While cleaning, I lived my favorite verse, Be still and know that I am God, I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted on the earth, Psalm 46:10. Being still is what I was while cleaning. Just being still, not in body, but in mind. No worries. No wants. Just being still with the Lord who loves me. Praising Him and thanking Him for all He has blessed me with and blessed our world with. That’s where my peace comes from. That’s what stills my anxious heart. And He is what fills that hole in me.

Who knew cleaning out a pantry could have such a profound effect on an anxious heart?


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