Mountain Splendor

My New Year’s resolution for 2017 is to find or see the magnificent in my ordinary life, making it extraordinary. As I was considering magnificence, the first thing that came to mind was a trip my husband and I took several years ago. We drove to Arizona to spend a week with his mother (Shirley) and stepdad (Don).

One of the places Don and Shirley took us to was the Bryce Thompson Arboretum in Superior, Arizona. The Arboretum has miles of walking paths and is in the mountains of the Sonoran Desert. As Shirley and I were coming down a path, we could see the mountains in front of us and it was so beautiful that I stopped and started singing “Majesty” and Shirley joined me. It is one of my favorite memories with Shirley.

The view of those mountains was so amazing. The different cacti dotting them. The green and brown grass spotted here and there. The brown of the desert sand. The shadows of the crags, dips, and valleys. All silhouetted against the bluest, nearly purple, sky I had ever seen and under the hottest sun I had ever experienced. That blue sky is nearly impossible to capture in a photograph but you can see in the first picture how dark a blue it is.

As I looked at those mountains that day, Genesis One came to mind. The creativity of our Creator. In Genesis, we are told several times in the creation account found in chapters one and two; He spoke…And it was so. To look at the mountains, the different species of cacti, the grasses, and know that He spoke and they were. Then to look at my loved ones with me and know we were all created by that same Master. I felt God’s Magnificence that day. I felt His bigness, His overwhelming power, His grandeur in the grandeur around us.

One year, we were fortunate enough to visit both the mountains of Arizona and the state of Washington. To see the completely different mountains in the two states was a joy for us. Arizona, dry, browns and greens, Washington, wet, green and lush. At one point on the Washington trip, I think on the way to Mt. Rainier, we crossed an amazing bridge between two mountains. The bridge was so high and all you could see below was green for a long way down. It was truly amazing (and a little scary). All this beauty made by the magnificent God to give us pleasure.

Next time you are outside, take time to look at His masterpiece, His creativity, His power seen in speaking and it is so. He gave us this earth to give us joy. Enjoy. Remember the Magnificent One who made it and give thanks. I think He appreciates our appreciation.

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