2017: The Year of _____

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I heard someone on the radio talking about 2017. He asked the question, “What is one word you would use to describe what you would wish 2017 to be for you?” What an interesting question.  Normally, I am thinking about all those goals for the coming year that I never manage to accomplish. This wasn’t a goal but as I thought about it, I could see where it had more potential to be life changing than meeting goals.

My initial one-word thought was healing because I have been working on healing from emotional trauma from my childhood and physical healing for health issues I struggle with. I wanted 2017 to be the year of healing for me. However, while I could think of many words for 2017, none rang true until I hit on MAGNIFICENT. Perfect!

According to the many dictionaries out there, magnificent means: marked by stately grandeur and lavishness, great in deed or exalted in place —used only of former famous rulers (Merriam), great; grand, sublime (dictionary.com), very good, beautiful, or deserving to be admired (Cambridge), extremely beautiful, elaborate, or impressive, very good (Oxford), splendid or impressive in appearance (Collins). The thesaurus adds the following: splendor, glory, brilliance, majesty, radiance, grandeur, and impressiveness.

In a world where we see so much negativity and sadness, magnificence just rings with wonder, life, and positivity. I could never call myself magnificent. I am not. Magnificence will only be found outside of myself.

What, I wondered, in an ordinary life, could possibly be described as magnificent? My list quickly began to come together and started with:

  • God Himself
  • Love
  • Our world
  • God’s provision
  • Miracles
  • Salvation
  • God’s work in an ordinary life

I can only imagine at this point how much studying this simple word and seeing the magnificence around me will change my life, my outlook, my joy, my reverence, and more. I believe even in a life of turmoil, while experiencing magnificence, I will find my healing as well.

My task for 2017 is to explore magnificence. I will be writing about each of the areas above as I research and develop an understanding of the greatness around me. Please follow my blog and maybe the magnificence I find will help you to find your magnificence as well. I know it’s there. We sometimes must first look for it and then we must see it!

May God richly bless you with His magnificence in 2017.

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