I was feeling down today. My dad has stage 4 cancer, on his third round of chemo, my mom is beginning to struggle to find her words. Dad had to put his beloved dog down last week. So much sadness.

But then I got to thinking about what my reality is. Yes, these are such sad times to be in for our family. But they are great times as well. Mom and Dad are still with us. They are both 82 and have lived longer than all their parents. We have been so blessed to have both of them yet.

Looking at my own life, I started writing down my blessings. A great marriage. Kids I love so much. Grandkids I just adore. They are all healthy. We have a wonderful church family. Friends who bring joy and support to my life. I have a nice home and enough money (not too much though;) pretty  much everything I need and many things I want.

But most of all, I have Jesus Christ as my Savior. He chased me until I turned to Him. He never gives up on me no matter the mistakes I make or the sins I commit. He holds me in the palm of His hand. He loves me so much. And He loves those I love as well. I love him so much.

Even when the day comes that Mom and Dad are no longer here, I will still have a good life. Because Jesus Christ will still be taking care of me. He will be taking care of my parents in Heaven as well. Someday I will join them. Forever. Praise the Lord.

Life is good when you see your blessings. Even when parts of it really hurt.

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